📒Vision & Mission


With that said, we are on a journey to create a new king in the meme market. Choosing the dog meme we want will create a novelty for many investors. Tosa Inu bears many characteristics of a strong warrior and absolute loyalty. We believe that Tosa Inu is the ticket to help you overcome the difficulties of the market in recent times. Tosa Inu will perform the task of protecting your property in the best way. Besides, it will take you to great heights thanks to the solidarity of the Tosa Inu community and the team's unique plan


We want build a strong and united community. All will work together to build a new king of the meme market

Tosa Inu also has the task of protecting investors' assets, using her skills to help investors have many interesting experiences when traveling.

Tosa Inu wishes that when you join, you not only invest for the purpose of increasing your assets but also an interesting experience. Tosa Inu aims to create a community where everyone will share their investment knowledge and experience. In addition, investors can connect with each other and expand relationships between people in the market.

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