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About Team

Introducing to you our dedicated and creative team with a combination of enthusiasm, experience and innovative vision, we have successfully built many new ideas for our projects.
The team consists of 15 elite members, each with extensive knowledge and highly specialized skills. We have accumulated many years of experience, especially in the development of new idea projects in the cryptocurrency market. We are always ready to take on new challenges and explore innovative solutions to bring the best value to our customers.
Team's Previous Project Reached 20x. We have learned a lot from the projects we have done and are confident that TOSA INU will be a HIT in 2023.
We always aim to create breakthrough and development projects. Each member contributes ideas, shows creativity and problem-solving ability. In the coming time, we will implement many unique ideas and bring high value to investors. During the operation, the team will always focus on listening to the community's contributions and see the members as a real family. Here we will share the knowledge of the market, overcome difficulties together, have fun and make a lot of profit.